Friday, February 21, 2014

Bugs Who Love bugs

Dear Readers,
Today I am going to tell you what I did in my key time group for our article Bugs Who Love
Bugs which was our homework last night. First I will tell you the main points. The first one is Stink Bugs ruining crops or fruit. The next on is Stink Bugs come to America. The last one is scientist test samples. Those are my Main points.
Next, I am going to give details that support the main point. First, Stink Bugs get into the fruit and suck all of the sugar out. The next one is Stink Bugs came to America in the late 1990's. Finally, people sprayed something that got rid of Stink Bugs to help the fruit but also got rid of other bugs that help the fruit.
Finally, I am going to tell you My thinking about the main points. First of all, do Stink Bugs make more damage then worms in the fruit? Next of all, probably the Stink Bugs came from the people in farms and every were else there were no more fruit. At last, I think that the spray that they put could help fruits but also ruin them because it will get rid of bugs that help the plant or fruit so it just got rid of all the bugs near it.

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