Thursday, May 22, 2014

Goodbye East

Dear East Elementary,
I am very sad to leave this school even though I have been here almost all my life which is 6 years I will be missing my friends and family that I have here. I have been here for 6 years and have very good memories of some of the stuff that we have done here. I will be missing all the teachers that have been there for me in the good stuff and the bad stuff. I will be missing them who served for me and did fun stuff with us. Here are some teachers I will be missing and why. First of I will be missing Ms. Snyder. I will miss her because she has done all this stuff for us. She has took us to a lot of places. I remember when she took us to Dairy Queen because she was buying stuff for my cousin Alex which is in 7th grade. I still remember that moment because she was buying his stuff for continuation which is today. I also want mention Ms. Lloyd because she has always been nice to me. When I was in her grade I felt like she was a part of my other family. I felt that way because she always stopped people from being mean to me. I Still remember all these fun memories because we used to play games and stuff like that. I also remember when it was time for T-cap because she would always give us these big hugs and made me feel confident and that's how I made it through 3rd grade. Next, I want to mention Ms. Crowley because she would always be nice to us and would always read books to us. The funnest memory was when we finished both the books Summer Of The Monkeys and Where The Red Fern Grows because at the end of the school year we watched both of the movies and she let us bring whatever we wanted to eat. When the movies were over she gave us this candy bag. Lastly, I would like to mention Ms. Smith because she was also like family to me even though she retired she would come to field trips with us. When we went on a field trip this year to Rocky Mountain National Park she came with us. I still remember the moment when you took away my phone and didn't give it back. That is who I would like to thank that were my teachers and that were like my family. I would like to say good bye to all East for doing what they did for us and being there when we needed you in the good and bad ways. I will miss you East Elementary.
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